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How do I get started?

Easy-Go Connect (Easy-Go) is a not- for profit, community run/based organisation. We receive funding from the Commonwealth and NSW governments to help us provide our services, but we also rely on our customers paying a contribution towards the service they receive. We are a registered charity and donations over $2.00 are tax-deductible and gratefully received. All donations go towards keeping our vehicles on the road.

Becoming a client

To be an Easy-Go client you must be eligible under our funding guidelines

If you are:

• 65 years or older:
you need to get a referral from My Aged Care. My Aged Care is a national service that helps people find out about services and what is available. When you call the My Aged Care contact centre, a staff member will ask questions to help understand your needs. They will then refer you to services who may be able to assist you.

There are 2 ways to get in touch with My Aged Care:
1. Contact My Aged Care directly by calling 1800 200 422 or visiting www.myagedcare.gov.au
Remember to tell them that you’d like to be referred to Easy-Go Connect for transport; or
2. Ring our Client Services Team on 9621 5518 and we can refer you to My Aged Care and get them to contact you.
Once we get a referral from My Aged Care we will contact you by phone to do our own quick assessment to make sure we are the most appropriate service for your needs.

Under 65 years of aged, with a disability needing help with transport:
Your first port of call should be to contact the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to see if you are eligible for assistance under the scheme. Once you have your service or funding package you can ask to be referred to local services. If you are not eligible for the NDIS please call our Client Service Team on 9621 5518 to see if we can be of assistance.

Community Transport Program (CTP)
This program aims to assist people living with social, geographical, financial, cultural or physical factors that limit their access to public transport. Please call our Client Services Team on 9621 5518 to determine if you are eligible for this program.

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