Easy Go Connect – our new name

In 2015 a customer value research project was undertaken to provide the organisation with data and information that would assist in identifying what was needed for the future in order for services to thrive and grow. The research found that our name, Blacktown Community Transport, meant very little to most people and needed to be explained. Even though we had been operating in the area for over 30 years.

People within the community did not understand what community transport was and who it was for. The organisation’s name also incorporated the suburb name of Blacktown and many people thought that the service was just for the people in Blacktown the suburb, whereas the service covered all 48 suburbs in the Council area of Blacktown.

With this information the Board agreed to the researcher’s recommendation that we change our name to reflect the inclusiveness of the community. On 16 March 2016, at a special general meeting, the members of Blacktown Community Transport agreed to change the organisation’s name to Easy-Go Connect with the tag line of travel in safe hands. This new name was chosen because it signifies the ease of accessing community transport services and the security of travelling with us.

On the 4 May 2016, Blacktown Community Transport officially became known as Easy-Go Connect.